This site has great concept doodles for each type’s cognition process

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ok I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I keep thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and how the best character in the whole story is only briefly mentioned. We’re given such limited amount of information about the guy that sells Jack the beans. essentially:

  • This guy has access to MAGIC BEANS
  • He either has NO USE for MAGIC BEANS or so many of them that he can just dispose of them
  • He really badly wants a cow

Why is the whole story not about this guy

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eccentricmango Asked: 1,2,3,& 8 from the "talk about" meme, please

1.) Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.

I was seven, and I wasn’t supposed to. It was “Princess Mononoke”, and my Dad told me that there were scenes in it that I probably shouldn’t watch, too disturbing for a seven year old, so obviously I took it as a personal challenge. I remember peeking through the banister rungs of the wooden railings that lined the upstairs, straining to see into the downstairs living room. Positioning myself exactly so that my shadow wouldn’t fall anywhere it shouldn’t, and staying absolutely, perfectly still, all for the sake of a little rebellion. Instead, I was enchanted. Forests filled with spirits and riding on the backs of deer; wolves. Adventure, friendship, exploration. Eventually I think my Dad suspected I had managed to watch it without his permission, as my drawings quickly became immersed in magical, ancient forests and crude drawings of people on deer-back, but….well, I guess that’s kids for you.

2.) Talk about your first kiss.

Well, there’s the one time in elementary school when an a boy cornered me on the playground and kissed my cheek against my will, which infuriated me to the point that I eventually formed a brigade of girls who were sick of being chased by boys on the playground and instead turned the tables and started chasing them and shrieking how they were going to give them cooties. That was fun.

Then there’s the time in highschool…I had started dating this boy, I’m not sure how it happened. I only ever thought he was slightly cute, and I think I was more enamoured with the idea of what I thought he was rather than what he actually was. Anyway, we were in a play together and at the very end of the play, when the curtains were closed and all the actors were back in the green room, we were backstage. He hugged me. I patted his back awkwardly. There was a long silence. I began to feel uncomfortable, so I went to go give him a chaste kiss on the cheek, back out of the hug, and say  ”good show!” as a way to conclude the awkward hugging session and get on to the greenroom, but the minute I stood up on my tiptoes he whipped his head to the side and caught the corner of my mouth in what was, technically, my first kiss. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many fireworks in my brain nor as much heart thumping as I’d hoped for or read about, and in that moment, in the darkness, I tried to think of nice ways I could break to him that I actually, really didn’t like him in that way, when he broke the kiss, hugged me again for a while, and then lovingly whispered “now if you ever date anyone else, you can tell them ____ was your first kiss.” Uh.

3.) Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

Infatuation can be pretty intense and all encompassing, and while I’ve had my share of hardcore crushes in my life, I think the difference between who I am now and who I was before was that I would romantisize my crushes in the past. Imagine fantastical, imaginary scenarios and blow up the person to be larger than life in my head. And that…well, it made for very intense romantic feelings. Obviously. But back then, it was only ever the fantasies I was in love with. Not the person. The idea of the aloof intellectual, or bleeding heart poet, or a perfect soulmate, like some sappy fanfiction written in my head…it was never really love. And so, in a way, the romantic feelings always seemed a touch inauthentic…contrived.

So I can say with assurity now, well… my boyfriend is the person I have the most intense romantic feelings for. As if that wasn’t predictable enough, haha. But it’s a romance fueled not by fantasies of what could be, but what is. Not by what I want in a person, but by what’s already actually there. A romance, perhaps initially starting out as infatuation, but forged and solidified through time and effort and communication and love in a way that far outshines anything I’ve ever had in the past with anyone else. Because, for once…I know it’s real. We could talk and goof off for hours. When we’re in public, we could glance at each other and immediately get a feel for what the other person wants. I know when to leave him alone after a long, frustrating day at work or when to get him ice cream. He knows when I need a hug or need to talk about something. And we’ve had our occassional fights, but the difference between this and anything else I’ve ever had is that, in the end, I think we can both mutually look at the other person and be like “they’re not perfect, but I love them for it anyways.”

8.) Talk about the thing you are most proud of.

Weirdly enough, drawing. I’m super duper perfectionist and critical of my artwork sometimes, but I’m proud of the fact that- even though I was somewhat pressured into music- I still picked up a pencil, went “no f that”, and taught myself how to draw what I wanted from the very beginning. Through all the frustration and wanting to stab my pencil through my art pad over the years, I stuck with it and never gave up, rebelliously drawing doodles all over irrelevant homework assignments and sheet music. I think that’s worth something.

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Reblog for the last one

it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created

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i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him  this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression shift to wondering the why the hell was he so happy to see me and i swear it was the evilest thing but also the most hilarious i made a guy like me by conditioning him into associating me to a candy he liked

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just had to

this is why i love banksy. 


i mean do you see this shit


this stuff is deep


i mean if he grafittis on your building your property value actually goes up












I’ve been saying this for a while now. This art is amazing

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"talk about" rather than "ask me"
1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
2: Talk about your first kiss.
3: Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.
4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
5: Talk about the best birthday you've had.
6: Talk about the worst birthday you've had.
7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.
8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
10: Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.
11: Talk about the best dream you've ever had.
12: Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.
13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
14: Talk about a vacation.
15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.
16: Talk about the best party you've ever been to.
17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.
19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.
20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
21: Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.
22: Talk about your worst fear.
23: Talk about a time someone turned you down.
24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
25: Talk about an ex-best friend.
26: Talk about things you do when you're sick.
27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.
28: Talk about your fetishes.
29: Talk about what turns you on.
30: Talk about what turns you off.
31: Talk about what you think death is like.
32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.
34: Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.
35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
37: Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.
38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
39: Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.
40: Talk about the end of something in your life.
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